With roots dating back thousands of years to the Neolithic period, Waterford is home to some of the most remarkable architectural symbols of our collective past. From intriguing tombs to standing stones, these monuments are testament to the customs, beliefs and knowledge of a bygone era. We believe that the ancient monuments of Waterford hold an important place in our history and deserve to be celebrated and preserved for future generations.

That's why we've created this website, to share the stories and legends behind these monuments, to offer guided tours and educational resources, and to encourage people of all ages to get involved in our journey of discovery. We welcome you to join us in exploring the prehistoric wonders of Waterford.

Whether you're a history buff, an archaeology enthusiast, or just looking for a unique adventure, Prehistoric Waterford is your gateway to a fascinating world of mystery and discovery. Thank you for visiting, and we hope you'll enjoy your prehistoric journey through our county.